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Olivier Rochet Value is the World's Leader

It is part of the law of attraction. Value is definitely something that matters. There is a huge Impact in Value. You might think it’s an obvious statement. Think again: it’s huge and if there was one word I’d use to call THE world’s leader, it’s VALUE.

Whatever the definition you may have in mind right now, let’s choose to illustrate it at the moment with a quote:

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value

(Attributed to) Albert Einstein

Though I am not sure about the original author, and we might be a lot to have thought it, felt it or said it before reading it for the first time, it is often attributed to Albert Einstein, which probably contributes to reinforce the formula’s influence power.

Behind it, the most important ingredient I would underline is the purpose that drives our actions. Because only that purpose – whatever a vision, a goal that is clear enough in our mind to have a path to it then a positive impact – can help us focus until any possible achievement can become a reality that benefits most. If you have any doubt and want to read valuable stuff to convince yourself, I’d suggest you to read or watch Tony Robbins on the subject. For a business, it is not much different, as businesses are the result of their founders’ purpose and any other relevant stakeholders that contribute to their growth, which shows up value.

Therefore, having a positive illustration for value is both a necessity and a powerful driver for a vision to succeed.

Now say we all agree that it’s what we all do when starting a business: thinking of how to create value. I recently read a study in which 73% of entrepreneurs were saying they first started with the purpose of making a personal profit. I’m not discussing the figure, neither the source, nor the reality behind it. Obviously it sounds possible and I think it’s ok to say it. But to get a profit, you need first to bring in something that benefits others (said in the good way, though we’ll see further on that you can also get it without creating value for others, which is what I call is wrong about value’s current definition to fit with a world’s leader that creates leaders). The point here is: create personal value has to deal with creating value, I agree. And to achieve it, you have to have an idea that you can sell, a ‘solution to a problem’ that your business will solve and thus create value from customers facing a problem and willing to pay to solve it. I believe there is a first historical barrier, because growing businesses that intend to solve problems is just promoting problems, thus encouraging – consciously or not – the world to have more problems that only the richer can hope have them solved. Winners are those who create problems and succeed in getting value from, being part of the solution, while loosers continuously pay to get problems solved until they cannot pay anymore. What do you think? Great! Hu..

Think of it differently now. Let’s say now that a business brings a ‘solution to a purpose’, to an opportunity, or a challenge. What do you think the difference can lead to? We encourage the world to think and have or share a vision. That’s what Elon Musk’s business inspires in fact, just to mention him. He’s driven by purpose and people like his business because it provides us with a perspective that supports a positive and sustainable impact. Of course, he’s not different from many business owners and managers: when you come and say ‘I have a problem’, you will gain in return the right to pay and have a bigger problem with collaterals. Just look at how he solved the supercharger spots occupied with fully charged Tesla: he took the opportunity that a problem is raised publicly, which instantly becomes an opportunity to make additional recurring revenues at very low cost, rapidly going through the what-if analysis to conclude that a single one bad feeling (not being able to charge your Tesla when you need it most) is far worse for its customers – even as a whole – than a regular discomfort (the 24$/hour parking additional idle fee!). Funny isnt’ it?

Value then is a vast subject, but let’s remind it is a powerful world’s leader, and lots have been written. Nevertheless I guess there are still opened questions and an approach missing that we can collectively share with a win-win feeling (those who love the ‘winner takes it all’, which psychopaths think of as the ‘looser loses it all’, should notice I did not mention a percentage yet), a global impact, or even for some of us a true love feeling:

  • What is Value? How to measure Value? How to manage Value, from creation to sharing? How come we cannot make a simple definition of it that we can all understand to be a vision that empowers our lives?
  • Why is there an opportunity with Value? How can we leverage it to make a better world, I mean a world in which everybody can contribute and be rewarded with a fair portion of the global value we collectively create?
  • How to Solve it and Transform / Leverage the Leadership Power of Value? How a new definition and a global Value Framework can help succeed?

I hope you enjoyed your reading, and may you wish, please add your comment. You’re always welcome to share your thought, whatever.

All the best

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