Get obsessed with Value! Part2

What is Value? Let’s discuss the definition first, generally speaking

The world goes where value is

Olivier Rochet Value is the World's Leader

When you have a choice to make, you value your options based on your knowledge, circumstances (mental, physical, family, friends, whatever..) and purpose ; when you look at a business to buy or sell, you have to value it; when you are attracted to something or someone, you are either attracted to something or someone that you value or that values you; sometimes the output is not what you expected : that’s when you feel unfairness; when you go and vote, may you like it or not you value what you vote for; same when you follow someone (that’s probably why you may feel people around you argue you followed their idea, when it appears to be a good one!)... Saying it differently, it's all about a deal (or transaction or sale) process, during which power is given or received, may it be associated with cash or not.

Value can be created, or destroyed. It can be created for someone or for a business, while globally it does not create value or worse it may destroy value. It can also create value while globally adding value: let’s have the Blue Ocean Strategy in mind. Somebody can gain value by removing it (not to say stealing nor scamming) from you: depending on the scammer, when he’s part of a pirate network, the network may even win twice the value: first with the removal to its profit, second because you’ll have to buy it again and it may be to them if that was their purpose; a business can buy a competitor playing to kill it (a bad trade buyer) rather than growth (the Private Equity example), etc.

Sourcing value differs from capturing value: you may have a much valuable idea and start a promising business, if you do not meet the market you won’t get any value from it (at least until you do one day) or it won’t be any different than when you invest in something that you do not use: knowledge, assets, etc. In addition, you may feel unfairness when you created a promising product or service that others will be able to reproduce to grow their own installed customer base, before you do so. Let’s imagine now that politics would sell what they have to propose to the society: would you go and buy as you go and vote? Think again. Another example is those who vote ‘against’: they are usually those who value fear, which - may they want it or not – provides value to what they don’t want: generally a bad idea. A better idea – my guess – is to value more what you love and to love more starting with yourself.

Keep these questions and make up your mind, for they all can be solved with a proper definition of value...

I hope you enjoyed your reading, and may you wish, please add your comment. You’re always welcome to share your thought, whatever.

All the best

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