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4. Your Privacy

4.1. Privacy statement

Your privacy is important to us. This privacy statement explains what personal data we collect from you and how we use it. We encourage you to read the summaries below and to contact us if you'd like more information on a particular topic.

4.2. Use of Cookies

We - and/or our hosting services provider and/or third parties - use cookies.

Cookies intend to be used at first to provide you with the best possible experience as a Customer of our Services, relying on existing marketing tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Twitter and other social media platforms and tools. In any way they should be intrusive or unproper to your use of the Services. If you notice any such unintended use, please immediately inform us and we will take all appropriate measures to improve the situation wherever it is to improve the quality of our Services and preference of our Customers.

4.3. Product-specific information

The product-specific details sections provide additional information relevant to particular IRRQuest® products. This statement applies to the IRRQuest® products listed below, as well as other products that display this statement. References to IRRQuest® products in this statement include, without limitation, Company’s Services, Websites, apps, software and frameworks provided as a service.

4.3.1. edXirr products and services General description

edXirr consists of set of solutions, of which software as a service and online collaborative tools that support both educational and professional purposes. Solutions may be, as paid subscription services, purchased as a whole or by module depending on the available offer at the time of service subscription. Some edXirr modules may also be provided as part of other paid Services. Uses and User Data

edXirr solutions may be provided and used in different ways and with different scopes and purposes, so that the information gathering and use may differ: Uses

edXirr solutions may be used either in a standalone way under a single-user license agreement, or in a collaborative way under a multi-user license agreement: please refer to the license section of the Agreement. Customer may opt for different options regarding the way Users will use the service, such as:

Submit data electronically, so that information may be processed: to provide a paid service such as – without limitation – management solutions, training solutions and reporting services, to provide feedbacks or additional information or additional custom service or support. Submission may include data inputs through edXirr solutions, files attachment, or specific forms that help us manage Customer satisfaction the best way, which means for us limiting privacy intrusions to the strict minimum required to provide the best possible quality and continuously improve our Services, and promoting as much as possible volunteer information submission by Customer.
Share information with other Users or with the Company through multi-user use of the Service. User Data

edXirr solutions may either store data inputs by Customer locally, which means through their local infrastructure to access the service over the Internet, for example in a web browser, or centralize information on our servers, either physical or virtual, hosted by our own or by a hosting service provider. User should take the appropriate security measures to ensure the protection and availability of sensitive Data.

4.3.2. Business Games products and services General description

Business Games by IRRQuest® include the famous Business Games Trilogy made of Buy&Sell, Invest&Grow and Create&Build. However, any product or service explicitly refered to as a “Business Games by IRRQuest®” product or service, is included in this category. Business Games by IRRQuest® generally consist of both online and/or standalone materials such as website information and media, software or documentation. Uses and User Data

Business Games by IRRQuest® online solutions may be accessed through free trial subscription and/or paid services, basically under a standard 2 users licence. User Data include, without limitation: games data, scores, as provided by the Customer on purpose.

4.3.3. Other products and services

Other products and services details shall be furnished at the time they are proposed for sale and result in an update of the Privacy policy.

4.4. Children

Our product and services are not directed to children under 13 (USA), 16 by default, without express parental consent and guidance. We therefore do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13 (USA) or 16 by default. If you become aware that a child has provided us with personal information without parental consent, please contact us and we shall proceed with the child’s account termination and information removal.

4.5. Security

We are concerned with the security of the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and after we receive it. However, no method of transmission over the Internet or via mobile device, or via electronic storage, is 100% secure. Therefore, while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

4.6. Contact

May you need additional information or want to review or remove all or part of the personal information we collect about you, please contact us via email at or via mail at the following address: IRRQuest Group Ltd - General Data Protection - 20-22 Wenlock Road – London N1 7GU – United Kingdom.

4.7. Additional information

Hosting service provider: OVH.
Owner: Olivier Rochet.
Publishing director: Olivier Rochet.
Customer data protection declaration by November 20, 2017 (CNIL, France, and affiliated): number 2121871.
Information commissioner's office declaration by March 29, 2019 (ICO, UK, IRRQuest Group Ltd, Data Protection Officer: Olivier Rochet) : reference number ZA509443.

Last updated May 20, 2019.

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