Power is one thing. The Purpose is Value.

Power is one thing. The Purpose is Value.

Value is the World’s Leader

Speed is the new commodity. The world is changing, fast. Everything that allows to go faster, in a secure manner, has a high value potential. Among the most promising projects are those that promote a vision where physical barriers can be beaten as never before. The promise is that wherever you are in the world, you’ll be able to get physically anywhere else in thirty minutes. Less than what anyone working today in big cities, like Paris or Los Angeles, needs to get to the office.

Networks grow faster than ever. Connections are easier. New influencers have emerged. Everyone can now say “hello the world”, and eventually be heard. Technologies have changed the rules to create or capture value. And they continue, with the internet of things, artificial intelligence or machine learning, to mention them. But those who make the rules are still those who succeed in controlling the gates. Internet has become the new jungle, for everyone can feel it’s growing faster than it can secure the journey. Definitely, Internet has changed the rules to Value.

The richer have become way richer. Cash is there. Funds can count on unprecedented levels of ‘dry powder’ to invest in promising innovative businesses or mature ones that are ready for fast-growth. Fintech, insurtech, martech, edtech: digitization is changing the rules in many industries. And it changes fast.

Knowledge is no different. I like to say: Knowledge is a good start, practice leads to understanding, and questioning in perspective leads to awareness. We always promote knowledge as the best investment that will pay you back with the best interests. I guess I agree. But we need to be precise, and remember that only actions really matter. Knowledge should only be a mandatory step to pursue awareness and take appropriate actions in an aware manner, for the better.

Fast-learning shows a high value potential. And I believe we can beat those barriers that have made it time and cost consuming, as much as painful.

Not only will it be the best guarantee for sustainable fast-growth, it will also bring in more cohesion and coherence in the way we live and do business. I firmly believe that the world needs more awareness, of how Value leads the world. And speed can only help.

Power is one thing. The purpose is Value. For everyone.

Value does have so many forms. Some will argue that the more powerful and richer only look for capturing more value, that is: sourcing and exploiting those who really create value. That they look for control and cash. Because cash is success. And the only measurable criteria in the end is your net worth. I believe there is a need for an in-depth change of the rules to Value, and for bringing awareness much faster than we have seen so far.

Strategy and finance are key areas to support growth, both in a personal and in a business perspective.

I think I can say that since I was born, I have been curious enough to always make an effort to try to better understand our world. Starting with people. I always give a try to learn something, through practice, until I can feel I understood at least the connections that make it. I decided to start writing to share my vision about Value as the world’s leader, and ultimately share with you the best of my experience so far, with a focus on value creation strategies in a global perspective.

Excellence is great, though sometimes it hurts. Purposeful and honest thinking is hard indeed.

I hope you enjoyed your reading, and may you wish, please add your comment. You’re always welcome to share your thought, whatever.

All the best

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By lookthroughmy | May 25, 2020

I love the idea you suggested that Love is the role model for Value! 🙏



By Olivier | June 22, 2020

Of course, I love it too, thank you!


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